Deep Dive Sessions on Enabling Industrial IoT

At Litmus we help industrial companies solve their toughest IIoT challenges every day. From how to capture data from a PLC for asset condition monitoring, to deploying TensorFlow machine learning models at the edge, we want to share our expertise so you can enable smart manufacturing use cases at scale. Join us to get to know the Litmus Edge platform, hear real-world customer examples, and access our team’s deep industrial expertise.

Upcoming Sessions

The Litmus Edge How-to Series will expand based on market trends in IIoT and what Litmus customers are asking about. Check back for new sessions regularly and register to attend.

  • Tuesday, June 22 11:00 am EDT

    How to Collect and Visualize Data from OT Assets

    Dave will demonstrate how to connect to any industrial asset - PLC, CNC, MES, SCADA, and more - to collect data in minutes. He'll quickly visualize the data and show you how to derive value from day one.

    • Dave McMorran

      Senior Sales Engineer

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  • Tuesday, July 13 11:00 am EDT

    How to Improve OEE on the Factory Floor

    Join Harry to learn how to enable one of the most common smart manufacturing use cases on the factory floor - OEE. Litmus Edge has a pre-built OEE KPI, making it simple to gather the right data, visualize it, and use it to make improvements.

    • Harry Grewal

      Software Engineer Lead

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  • Tuesday, July 27 11:00 am EDT

    How to Connect OT Assets to Cloud Data Systems

    In this session Dave will show you how to connect to any OT asset and send data to the cloud. Learn how to collect the data, normalize it, then send it to Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, or any enterprise platform for deeper analytics.

  • Tuesday, August 10 11:00 am EDT

    How to Deploy Containerized Applications at the OT Edge

    Join Dave to explore how easy it can be to deploy containerized applications at the edge. He'll share how Litmus Edge allows you to host and access public or private applications in a centralized repository with the ability to rapidly and securely deploy and run them.

  • Tuesday, August 24 11:00 am EDT

    How to Deploy ML Models at the OT Edge

    Join Harry to learn how Litmus Edge feeds machine learning models with normalized data and completes the feedback loop by running the new models at the asset for continuous optimization.