Processing data and running applications at the edge means faster insights and the ability to correct problems as they arise. IBM recently completed a study showing that 84% of executives expect edge applications to positively impact operational responsiveness. Enterprise customers understand the value of deploying applications like process control and traceability for immediate value at the edge, but many struggle to put the technology in place to do it easily.

The key is having the right common edge infrastructure in place to easily deploy and run applications at the edge. An Industrial IoT platform unifies all industrial data, makes it available to build applications in the cloud or on-premise, then provides a mechanism for those models to run back at the edge.

At Litmus our customers are coming to us to help them run various Industrial IoT applications at the edge and they either want to access pre-built applications or they have custom code to deploy at the edge. They’re also looking for a way to centrally manage their applications so they can deploy all over the factory or even at multiple sites with just the click of a button. Imagine adopting an OEE application and then deploying it to 50 sites at once. Enterprise-grade improvements can be realized more rapidly than ever before.

Litmus handles application enablement in two parts. First, with an application marketplace that starts with more than 45 pre-populated applications and allows for private applications as well. Second, we use Docker Container technology to deploy applications to one or hundreds of edge devices with one click. The container packages up code and all its dependencies so the application runs quickly and reliably from one computing environment to another.

Docker Container technology is perfect for Industrial IoT because containers isolate software to ensure that it works uniformly despite differences and incompatibilities between OT and IT systems. Using containers can help your team bring intelligence to the edge, speed up application delivery and increase value from IIoT initiatives. 

To see this in action watch our on-demand webinar, Litmus Edge – How to Deploy Containerized Applications at the OT Edge.