The rise of Industrial IoT and global machine connectivity brings heightened security concerns. The connected factory can potentially expose people, technology and processes to security risks and Deloitte recently found that 48% of manufacturers have identified those risks as the greatest danger to Industrial IoT initiatives.

The good news is that with the right type of IIoT deployment, manufacturers can protect OT assets and intelligence from any outside harm. No matter what the target use case may be –from keeping all data local for condition-based monitoring to sending data to the cloud to build machine learning models – it can be done with enterprise-level security.

While Litmus uses the highest level of security for data transport, the real value is in the way we deploy which is unlike any other platform on the market. Litmus Edge is deployed offline-first with a secure edge architecture to protect data and assets without any connection to the outside world.

Offline-first means customers can deploy Litmus Edge and access 90% of the features within the plant floor. Data collection, visualization and analytics can be enabled in a closed network inside the factory. Customers can segregate to a particular line or machine, they can block off all Internet or cloud access and still get value from day one.  We don’t need any connection to the outside world to provide value. Even Litmus Edge Manager, our platform for edge orchestration and centralized management, can be deployed in a closed environment.

This type of offline-first system allows manufacturers to build out use cases and value on-premise first with inherent security.  Then, when and if they decide to integrate with cloud or enterprise systems, Litmus uses industry standard protocols (primarily MQTT/SSL) for secure communication with cloud services. Even though the communication is bi-directional, all communication with Litmus Edge is segmented and protected so no one from the cloud can directly access edge devices.

Litmus Edge was built with the offline-first model and enterprise-grade security in mind. Data lives securely at the edge and then Litmus integrates with any enterprise system based on IT-defined data flow, corporate data policies, enterprise standards and secure ports to send data safely across the enterprise.

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