The Litmus Industrial IoT platform shares ready-to-use OT data with any machine learning or data application to improve operations at the edge

Litmus for Data Teams

Feed data science applications with normalized data

Access good, normalized, pre-processed operational data and easily stream it to any edge, cloud or hybrid data science tool. Achieve secure data access for internal or external data teams in a way it can be easily consumed, analyzed and put to work.

Solve operational challenges

Solve industry-specific challenges with complete time-series manufacturing data such as production prediction, detecting anomalies, or quality assurance. Bridge operations and data science to drive productivity, quality and efficiency.

Big Data Industrial IoT

Experiment on top of the data

Use the operational data to create algorithms and machine learning models, then run them on-premise or in the cloud to find patterns and inference. Enable A/B testing and validate the confidence of the models with a flexible edge-to-cloud platform.

Litmus simplifies how data teams harness the power of OT data to improve operations at the edge

Real-World Industrial IoT Use Cases

Bottled Water Industrial IoT Factory

Bottled Water Manufacturer Leverages OT Data to Improve Operations

Food Manufacturer Uses Agritech to Improve Crop Yield

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