• Rapid growth by acquisition led to disparate assets and no visibility
  • Sought complete digital transformation to overhaul and improve operations
  • Deployed Litmus Edge via gateway on the factory floor to collect all machine data
  • Native integration of Litmus Edge with AWS enabled secure edge-to-cloud data flow
  • Increased yield, improved OEE, decreased downtime and maximized maintenance effectiveness

A 150-year-old food manufacturer based in Germany operates numerous processing and refining plants across the EU. They faced several challenges as they worked to digitally transform. First, they experienced rapid growth by acquisition, which led to disparate assets and systems, siloed data and no visibility across the enterprise. Second, they had a knowledge-based system with most expertise tied up in a retiring workforce.

They sought an industrial edge data platform that could quickly connect to all industrial assets, collect and process data at the edge and send normalized data to the cloud for storage and further analysis. The ability to centrally manage and quickly scale new edge deployments globally was an important consideration to mitigate on-site skills gaps and decrease optimization time for newly acquired facilities. The solution needed to monitor video analytics for quality metrics such as food color, leverage both on-site and cloud analytics to maximize yield, and capture and digitize process knowledge of retiring workers.

The food manufacturer chose Litmus Edge and Litmus Edge Manager for a standard edge architecture to achieve all the desired outcomes with unmatched time-to-value. They started by deploying Litmus Edge on Lanner gateways next to production lines at two factories and connected to their entire myriad of industrial systems in just a matter of days thanks to pre-loaded device drivers. Native connectors from Litmus Edge to AWS IoT Core streamed data to the cloud and Litmus Edge Manager was installed in AWS Cloud for centralized management of edge deployments.

As a result of the Litmus implementation and edge-to-AWS data flow, the customer enabled a long list of use cases. They increased yield and improved OEE, increased the effectiveness of their preventative maintenance program based on real-time asset condition monitoring, and lowered costs by using data to reduce the staff sent onsite to underperforming plants. They connected cameras at the edge to process and stream video to the cloud, with the ability to deploy resulting trained models back on-premise for quality inspections.

Litmus Edge Manager enabled centralized management of all edge deployments and enabled fast deployment at new facilities via a “perfect plant” digital archetype. The customer performed one click provisioning and troubleshooting, while also enabling the deployment of containerized applications to the edge for more advanced analytics and local machine learning. In just a few months the customer achieved the complete digital transformation of factory operations.