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Supercharge Your Factory Floor with the New Siemens S7CommPlus Driver

Supercharge Your Factory Floor with the New Siemens S7CommPlus Driver

Advancing Industrial DataOps with Robust Security and Efficiency
By Parth Desai, Director of Solutions & Industrials/Founding Engineer, Litmus

At Litmus, we are pleased to introduce a significant breakthrough in our product lineup: the Siemens S7CommPlus driver. As part of our commitment to innovation, this driver expands our comprehensive catalog of over 275 prebuilt drivers, marking a significant stride towards advancing Industry 4.0 capabilities. Developed in response to client needs for safer and more efficient operations, the S7CommPlus driver addresses the challenges of contemporary industrial environments.

In this article, I will outline the crucial technical features of the Siemens S7CommPlus driver and its role in improving industrial and manufacturing processes. We will explore how it enhances operational efficiency, facilitates system integration, and meets the diverse needs of Siemens PLC users across various industries.

So, let’s kick things off with an introduction to the driver itself.

About the S7CommPlus Driver

The S7CommPlus driver meets the strict demands of current industrial standards, helping users boost functionality and compatibility in their DX initiatives.

The driver enables advanced encrypted communication with Siemens equipment, safeguarding sensitive data while enhancing operational processes across factory floors. It also allows direct access to S7-1200 and S7-1500 PLCs using the native S7CommPlus protocol, minimizing manual work by automating tag browsing and improving system management for both optimized and non-optimized block access.

Crucially, the S7CommPlus driver also ensures seamless system integration and maintains strong compatibility across various configurations, improving the flexibility, scalability and efficiency of your industrial setup.

Essential for a wide range of sectors, ranging from discrete manufacturing to pharmaceuticals, it serves the varied needs of all Siemens PLC users. By supporting several firmware versions without the need for extra installations, the driver aids in the transition from legacy systems to modern configurations, boosting operations for S7-1200 and S7-1500 PLCs.


The Siemens S7CommPlus driver provides a range of technical and operational advantages that are essential for enhancing your data management capabilities, particularly focusing on security, efficiency, and compatibility.

These benefits are fundamental to driving forward your DX and ensuring the secure handling of sensitive data communications across various Siemens PLC systems.

So, let’s get into the weeds on how the driver’s authentication and security measures, operational efficiencies, and advanced data management capabilities contribute to improving the resilience and functionality of your Industrial DataOps strategy.

Authentication and Security

Security in industrial operations is, of course, paramount. That’s why the Siemens S7CommPlus driver ensures varied security requirements are met through a sophisticated multi-tier authentication system. Each mode is designed to provide tailored security that aligns with the operational environment and system requirements.

  • P1 Authentication: Provides basic, unencrypted access, suitable for S7-1200 PLCs with firmware versions below V4.0. This level is designed for environments where top-tier security isn’t a priority.
  • P2 Authentication: Incorporates symmetric key-based security for S7-1200 PLCs with firmware V4.0 to V4.4 and S7-1500 PLCs with firmware V2.0 to V2.8. This middle tier offers a balanced approach, securing systems against moderate security threats.
  • P3 Authentication: Offers the highest level of security using TLS handshake protocols for S7-1200 PLCs with firmware versions V4.5 and above, and S7-1500 PLCs from V2.9 onwards. If TLS is disabled, the system automatically defaults to P2 authentication, ensuring continuous security.

These three authentication levels are critical in safeguarding data and system integrity across diverse industrial applications, paving the way for the best possible data management and handling practices.

Operational Efficiency

Our S7CommPlus driver not only maintains high operational efficiency but also ensures airtight system integration, seamlessly fitting into various industrial configurations. This benchmark for integration is essential for enhancing flexibility and operational adaptability across a wide range of industrial sectors.

  • Encrypted Communications: The driver secures data traffic between Litmus Edge and Siemens S7-1200 PLCs, guarding against cyber threats while complying with stringent data protection regulations like GDPR and NIST. This level of encryption keeps system performance optimized without any compromises in speed.
  • Browsing Capability: Unique among many drivers, the S7CommPlus stands out by allowing direct access to and browsing of tags and registers within the PLCs. This significantly reduces the need for costly external consultants. This capability expedites operational processes, facilitating quicker access to crucial data points and streamlining the management of both optimized and non-optimized block access.

Advanced Data Management and Handling

Effective data management is foundational to the utility and efficiency of the S7CommPlus driver. It supports a range of data types and structures, from simple data blocks to complex user-defined types, ensuring flexible and powerful data manipulation capabilities.

  • Optimized Data Blocks: Enable better performance and easier data management directly from the PLCs, crucial for quick access and effective data utilization.
  • Advanced Tag Management: Simplifies the integration and management of complex data structures, including custom-length strings and user-defined types, enhancing system responsiveness and reducing downtime.

The advanced data management features ensure that every operation is backed by reliable and efficiently structured data, a requirement that is rigorously tested and validated to meet high standards of performance and reliability.

Comprehensive Testing and Validation

To guarantee performance and reliability, the S7CommPlus driver undergoes comprehensive testing and validation. This process involves not only rigorous lab tests but also real-world application scenarios to ensure the driver performs optimally under all expected industrial conditions.

  • Litmus Edge 3.11.1: This version supports P1 authentication and has been tested extensively on models such as the CPU 1212C DC/DC/DC 6ES7 212-1AD30-0XB0 V2.2.
  • Litmus Edge 3.11.4: Supports P1, P2, and P3 authentication modes, with expanded testing on additional models and successful P2 fallback functionality.

Through these exhaustive testing protocols, we have been able to confirm that the S7CommPlus driver is a reliable and essential tool for enhancing your Industrial DataOps.


As you may already know, the Litmus blueprint for Industrial DataOps is structured around three core phases: unlock, activate, and scale. To put this article in that context, the Siemens S7CommPlus driver is integral to the ‘unlock’ phase, where it sets the stage for enhanced Industrial DataOps.

By smoothly integrating with existing systems, this driver boosts security and operational efficiency, preparing your operations for the subsequent phases of activation and scaling.

With its capacity to handle complex system requirements, our driver supports encrypted communications, streamlined management, and flexible integration, catering to the diverse needs of Siemens PLC users across various sectors. This functionality ensures you are well equipped to navigate the challenges of digital transformation and Industry 4.0 standards.

To take full advantage of the Siemens S7CommPlus driver and explore how it can unlock your Industrial DataOps, contact your Litmus account manager today!

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