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Introducing Digital Twins – Our Biggest Product Update of the Year

Introducing Digital Twins – Our Biggest Product Update of the Year

Digital transformation in manufacturing is certainly a journey – and can be a moving target. For example, here at Litmus, we first developed digital twin functionality in 2020, scrapped it in 2021 and then redeveloped it in 2022 – specifically trying to address rapidly evolving nonstandard “standards.” Digital Twins were always part of our vision and wider AI and IIoT work to help manufacturers use their data to work smarter. So we’re very excited to formally launch Digital Twins inside Litmus Edge and Litmus Edge Manager.

We’re continuously improving our platform with customer-sourced features and common use cases to aid best practices in data aggregation, normalization and analysis across a spectrum of digital transformation maturity for manufacturers. Our Digital Twins functionality is available to try right now for all existing Litmus customers to experiment with models and instances before general release.

Time to value with our system is a reality Litmus takes immense pride in. That’s why we see the biggest value add for Litmus users with Digital Twins is that Litmus is the SOURCE of the data (raw data from 250+ industrial protocols, analyzed, ML-inference and user-defined) for our OWN Digital Twins Framework. This means asset modeling and instances of digital twins working on the SAME platform. You don’t have to install OPC-UA servers or deal with a few different vendors to make digital twins come to life and add value!

Here’s what’s included in the first major release of Digital Twins from Litmus:

  1. Digital Twin Models (Asset/Line/Site/Custom)
  2. Digital Twin Models Attributes Management (Static/Dynamic/Blob Variables)
  3. Digital Twin Models Data Transformation Engine (Convert Litmus <-> Your Preferred Schema)
  4. Digital Twin Instances Deployment (Deploy/Maintain as Many Instances of Models as You Require)
  5. Digital Twin Instance Northbound Data Integration (Digital Twins Data Integrated to MQTT, Kafka, Google Pubsub, Azure IoT Hub, AWS IoT Core and More)

Here’s what Litmus complies with to make adoption even easier – no matter where you are on your digital transformation journey:

  1. ISA 95 Hierarchy – Complete
  2. Custom UNS – Complete
  3. OPCUA Mapping – Complete
  4. OPCUA Information Models – Complete (Pending Field Verification)
  5. SparkPlugB – In Development
  6. Azure Digital Twins – In Development
  7. CESMII Asset Model Sync – Planned (We’re Super Excited to Work On This!)
  8. AWS Twinmaker – Planned
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