The Litmus Industrial IoT platform gives automotive manufacturers the machine data and analytics they need to predict production, reduce the cost per piece and improve quality

Predict production

Perform throughput analysis and maintenance optimization to increase efficiency and reduce or eliminate unplanned downtime. Collect key process KPIs and use that intelligence to optimize production lines and achieve an accurate and consistent prediction of production count.

Reduce cost per piece

Capture machine analytics to understand the cost to make a part, then determine how to reduce that cost. Collect data on cycle time and bottlenecks and then use that intelligence to make changes so the line is operating at optimum capacity and efficiency for a reduced cost per piece.

Keep machines running

Analyze the manufacturing process to identify any causes of production loss such as machine blockage or starvation. Optimize maintenance schedules to perform maintenance at the perfect time, before machines start to go down, to increase uptime and keep production running as planned.

The Litmus Industrial IoT Edge platform simplifies how automotive manufacturers harness the power of OT data at the edge.

Local data intelligence

Visualize and analyze real-time production data, then get it into the hands of the people on the production line to make needed changes at the machine level.

Integration with third party systems

Immediately feed OT data to any cloud or enterprise application with pre-built connectors to achieve a complete edge-to-enterprise data picture.

Run any application

Securely build and run any application at the edge. Enable dozens of use cases such as improving OEE, process control, quality, traceability, vision systems and more.

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