The Litmus Industrial IoT platform gives agricultural companies the edge data and analytics they need to optimize growing conditions, perform quality analysis and increase yield

Industrial IoT Agritech

Optimize growing conditions

Connect and collect data from sensors that monitor moisture levels, sunlight, wind speed and other conditions that affect crop and soil health. Save time and money, replace physical soil sampling and use machine learning to achieve the perfect growing conditions.

Monitor harvest quality

Monitor the quality of all food and crop output and eliminate manual inspection by collecting and analyzing vision system data. Assess whether or not crops were harvested at the correct time and measure the quality of the output to determine value.

Industrial IoT Agritech

Increase yield

Agricultural companies are adopting complex yield efficiency technology including satellite imaging, drones, robotics, artificial intelligence, big data, irrigation technology and soil technology. Collect, analyze and share data from all of these tools with the Litmus platform.

The Litmus Industrial IoT Edge platform simplifies how agricultural companies harness the power of data at the edge

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